Our Cigar Family

Rich in History, Bounded by Tradition

As Air Force Veterans, cigar smoking was always a part of the culture, especially overseas. In early 2019 on a “Father Son” trip to the Dominican Republic, Robert, a former Air Force Air Traffic Controller, and DeVante, a former Air Force Firefighter, formed the idea to create a family legacy to pass on to future generations.

Living in Houston, visiting various cigar bars and lounges further enhanced their passion for cigars; thus Blowing Smoke Cigar Company was formed.

Blowing Smoke Cigar Company is dedicated to craftsmanship, atmosphere, communication and camaraderie that comes with smoking cigars.  Whether you’re a novice of smoking cigars or a professional looking for something different to taste, we have the cigar for you.


Robert Minor


DeVante Minor


Julian Bailey

Business Partner